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LIBRETTO vol. 1 - Vampirism

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Image of LIBRETTO vol. 1 - Vampirism
  • Image of LIBRETTO vol. 1 - Vampirism
  • Image of LIBRETTO vol. 1 - Vampirism
  • Image of LIBRETTO vol. 1 - Vampirism
  • Image of LIBRETTO vol. 1 - Vampirism

LIBRETTO Volume 1: Vampirism is a 9x12" 200 page softcover anthology curated/edited by Kasra Ghanbari presenting emerging and world-class artists as they explore a single theme using diverse mediums such as comics, oil painting, photography, sculpting, fashion, and more.

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LIBRETTO Volume 1: Vampirism has an incredible front cover by menton3 and beautiful back cover by Ben Templesmith. The anthology includes contributions from David Stoupakis, Jason Shawn Alexander, menton3, Riley Rossmo, Ben Templesmith, Neil Gaiman, Chet Zar, Steve Niles, Alan Robert, Richard A. Kirk, Matthew E. Bone, Kambriel, Scott Radke, Ales Kot, Vincent Castiglia, Damien Echols, Christopher Mitten, Jonathan Way$hak, Andy Belanger, Shane Pierce, Tim Roosen, and many more.

LIBRETTO Volume 1 has the theme vampirism, being the misuse of power, as well as the objectification and exploitation of others. Featured contributors give their unique perspectives on this theme, with many sections including an interview of the contributor conducted by another artist. Several of the artists will also give a rare look at the techniques and processes they used to create pieces for the book.

LIBRETTO is a selection of contributions from the limited run 12x18” TOME Volume 1 hardcover anthology with CD from 44FLOOD.


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